Zkteco Attendance Management Software, Time Attendance 5.0

Zkteco Attendance Software Overview

Zkteco Attendance Management Software version 5.0 is one of the most usable and accessible desktop-based applications. zk biometric software has basically been used in small and medium corporate forms, Schools, and Factory sections. zkteco fingerprint software has a simple GUI-based environment that helps to operate quickly and user friendly.

How to install Zkteco biometric software,?

We are providing a complete installation guide of zkteco attendance management software please follow the steps below:-

first, you need to download zkt attendance machine software. The download link is in the footer of the page After downloading the file

1.) open the downloaded folder

2.) Double-click on ” setup icons”

Zkteco Attendance Management Software image o1
3.) Click on Next

4.) Click on I accept button and Click on Next

Zkteco Attendance Management Software image 03

5.) Click On next

6.) Click on Next

Zkteco Attendance Management Software image 06

7.) Click on Next and Then Click on Install

Wait For 1 Minute

8.) Click on Next

9.) Click on Install

Zkteco picture

Wait For 1 Minute

And finally, our zkteco fingerprint Software is installed successfully

zkteco fingerprint software free download, You Can Download Your Software from this link

Click here to Download

Password ” 123″

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