Sophos XG next gen Firewall complete overview


So Forsakes Firewall is redefining next gen firewall protection. We’ve engineered it to simplify the way you manage your firewall and provide insight like you’ve never had before. While delivering industry leading protection and   lightning fast performance.

Insides and Visibility

It starts here with the control center, prioritize your focus with traffic light style indicators that immediately identify compromised systems, malicious payloads, advance threats and your riskiest uses, you can instantly see how your system is performing and how your network is being used.

Firewall is unique in that it also includes built-In comprehensive unbox reporting innovative automated risk assessment tools. Determine your overall application risk and riskiest users so you can identify potential issues before they become real problems.

Easy Management

Image of Sophos control center
Sophos Control Center

Creating a rule to secure common business applications is as simple as selecting the service from a dropdown list Eg. Firewalls templates take the guesswork out of protecting your business applications and services by automatically populating just the settings you need without the ones you don’t.

Every rule also includes a clear natural language description. so it’s always easy to understand and remember what the policy does. Sophos focused on adapting the firewall to your way of thinking instead of forcing you to think like a firewall.


Sophos xg firewall includes all the protection you need to stay safe. From today’s latest attacks, hacks and malware. Advanced threat protection instantly spots malware and bot net already on your network, using a multilayered approach that combines ISPs, DNS and url reputation to identify suspicious traffic and block it immediately.

XG firewalls, unique security heartbeat enables instant identification and automatic response to advanced threats on your network. Your firewall can automatically isolate infected end points on your network until they can be cleaned up.

Modern malware, like ransom ware, is getting more evasive. You need next gen sandboxing like Sophos Sandstorm to catch the latest malicious payloads before they reach your network. EG Firewall seamlessly integrate Sandstorm sandboxing to zero day threats like file encrypting ransom ware hidden in emails or malicious websites. It detonates these files in a safe virtual environment in the cloud, so you don’t need any additional hardware or software to protect your users.

XG Firewall packs more security into a single appliance than any other firewall and includes complete network ISPs, web application control, wireless email, antispam, DLP and encryption and a full featured web application firewall. firewall gives you industry leading performance at every price point with our series appliances.

And what’s more, it’s fast. It consistently outperforms the competition in independent tests, solid state storage. The latest Intel multicore processors and fast path packet optimization ensure you can run your firewall with a full suite of protection and still get lightning fast throughput for anyone managing multiple firewalls.

Sophos firewall manager can lighten the load with easy to use full featured centralized management. It offers a consistent user experience and provides comprehensive management, monitoring and configuration with a variety of dashboard views. Manage policies among your various firewalls to ensure consistency and new devices can inherit policies automatically.

Sophos Review provides comprehensive consolidated compliance reports across multiple firewalls, Which including scheduled reporting, long term data storage, and nearly limitless views into your network.

Sophos completely rethought and modernized how you manage and create firewall rules. The Control Center provides Real-Time insight into all your active rules and unused or disabled rules that may need some housekeeping to save you time. Sophos firewall XG put all your user network and business application rules all in one place. Firewalr patented layer at user identity based policy technology enables you to quickly implement and customize user level controls for IP traffic, shaping, web filtering and application control with just a few clicks.

Sophos Firewall flexi port modules
Sophos XG

Note :- So Forsakes Firewall is redefining next gen firewall by taking insight, security and simplicity to a whole new level. If you’d like to learn more about firewall or see it in action or even take it for a test drive, click here to visit and for more technical Technical posts click Here

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