Secure Your PDF Documents with Password

the complete Process of Secure Your PDF Documents with Password

Do you feel paranoid that the PDF documents you send through the e-mail might be read and used by unauthorized parties?

You can prevent that from happening by securing your PDF documents with a password and sharing the password only with entrusted parties.

1) In Acrobat Professional (version 7.0) select Document > Security > Secure This Document to display the Select a Policy to Apply screen.

2) Select Restrict Opening and Editing Using Passwords option in the list box to enable the grayed-out Apply button.

3) Click Apply to display the Password Security – Settings screen.

4) Select the Require a Password to open the Document check-box.

5) Type your password in the Document Open Password field.

6) Click OK to launch the password confirmation box.

7) Re-type your password to confirm it and click OK.

8) The password will be applied to the document when you save it. The next time you want to open it, Acrobat will prompt for the password.

To remove the security password from a PDF document:

1) In Acrobat Professional, select Document > Security > Show Security Settings for this Document to display the Document Properties screen.

2) In the Security Tab, click the Security Method drop-down list and select No Security.

3) Acrobat will prompt to make sure you want to remove the password security from the document.

4) Click OK to close the prompt box.

5) Click OK one more time to close the Document Properties screen.

6) When you save the document, the next time you want to open it there will not be a need for a password.

This is the process of Secure Your PDF Documents with Password. Hop you like the article.