Utilizing the Microsoft remote desktop built-in feature on Windows is a wonderful experience. You can be in a location and connect to other computers in different locations. This feature gives you full access to any remote device. It’s like you’re operating and holding the remote computer from your palm. While you access a remote computer it automatically logs off to show that it is utilized by another computer that is a remote desktop controller.

If you connect via remote desktop to a different computer, you will be granted the keyboard and mouse of the computer. This way, you can connect to your computer at home from the office, without losing any applications as well as essential information files. You can set up an easy remote Desktop Connection between your computers after completing the prerequisite to create a connection following the steps below.

Use Remote Desktop Connection between two PCs

The primary requirement for remote desktop connections is that both computers must be connected to a LAN network. It could be wireless or wired. With the latest versions of Windows operating system, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7 it is possible to connect two computers using a LAN cable directly or direct wireless LAN, and you will be able to connect the two computers.

The computer you intend to connect should be running one of the listed versions of Windows operating systems to connect to the internet.

1. Windows 7. (ultimate or pro)

2. Windows vista. (ultimate or corporate)

3. Windows XP professional.

4. Windows 8

5. Windows 8.1

6. Windows 10

7. Windows Server( All Versions)

and many more

In order to connect, you need administrator rights on the computer to which you want to connect to. Therefore, you can create an internet connection only after obtaining permission from the owner of the computer. It is not necessary to install any additional software as the program is already installed in the previous versions of Windows.

Enabling the Remote Desktop Connection feature on your system

In order to establish a connection you must allow and grant permission to other users, so that they can access and use your computer. Follow the steps below to help facilitate and give permission to users for them to connect to and use your computer as a Remote Desktop.

  1. Click the Window key.
  2. Right-click on the computer.
  3. Click on the properties.
  4. Click on the remote settings.
  5. Then, you must check the box to allow connections to the computers that run any version.
  6. Click Apply to modify the settings.

Connecting to a server

Follow the steps to unlock this remote connection software.

Start menu >> all programs >> accessories >> remote desktop connection

Alternately, select windows and type remote, then hit enter to launch the program on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

To connect, all you have to do is enter an IP address from the remote machine in the text box next to ‘ Computer’. Next, you must enter your username and password for the computer when you are asked. Now, you are in full command over your remote PC.

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