NASA Discovers Issues with Boeing Starliner Software

NASA Discovers Issues with Boeing Starliner Software
NASA Discovers Issues with Boeing Starliner Software
Investigating Issues with Starliner Software

In another blown to Boeing, there is more trouble with its Starliner software, the space capsule the company is developing with NASA. The company (NASA) Discovers Issues with Boeing Starliner Software after a December test flight yielded bad results. Under review are all of the one million lines of code and there is an indefinite time frame.

This sounds familiar. (NASA)Issues with Boeing Starliner Software problems were the cause behind the two Boeing 373 Max crashes that killed 346 people and led to a worldwide grounding of the plane. Though it’s unclear if these technical difficulties are related to Starliner’s software problems, it is suspicious. For its part, NASA has taken partial responsibility for inadequate quality control.

NASA may or may not have Boeing perform another unmanned test before sending astronauts aboard.

On January 28th, 1968 a crew of six NASA astronauts lifted off in the space shuttle Challenger. The spacecraft exploded into a fireball due to defective ‘O’ rings that allowed hot gases to ignite the fuel tank. The disaster killed six NASA astronauts. As the US space program continues to move into private hands, NASA’s main responsibilities will be design, safety and quality control.

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” Boeing will re-verify all of the applications on its own CST-100 Starliner commercial team spacecraft following a continuing investigation discovered”numerous” issues from the initial development procedure that enabled at least two big issues to escape detection.”


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