In this post, I am going to help you set up Find My iPhone as well as walk you through how to use it. There really is not much to set this up. There are some configurations inside your iPhone or iPad you need to check. The primary element will be to test drive it, later on, to help become acquainted with the process of finding your iDevice.

Just a quick note. The particular setting will be referred to as Find My iPhone with the iPhone and Find My iPad for the iPad. Don’t be worried about what it’s known as because they operate the same. For the sake of this post, I will refer to it as Find My iPhone.

How you can set up Find My iPhone?

Right now there are two methods to reach the On/Off toggle. And they are the exact same for any iPhone and iPad. Either (Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone) or (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud > Find My iPhone). Be absolutely sure “Find My iPhone” is set to On.

The paragraph above is presuming you’ve got iCloud set up on the device. If you have not got it set up yet, input your Apple ID along with your password whenever asked.

How do I utilize Find My iPhone?

This can be accomplished through almost anything that has a web connection. I say almost because I have not tried it through a different smartphone. If it can be done using a Droid or Blackberry make sure you let me know. I do not understand why it couldn’t. You would likely use them similarly to a Mac or PC specified below.

Find My iPhone for the Mac or PC

We will start out with a PC or Mac. Head over to and log in utilizing your Apple ID and password. Click on the “Find My iPhone” app and… well, that is it really.

Your personal products attached to the Apple ID you logged in with should load in the upper left of your screen. Choose your iPhone or iPad out of your set of devices. It will show that device’s current position using a black label.

In that black label, click the “i” at the right of the title. You will see three selections. I will go over those right now.

The very first is the opportunity to “Play Sound or Send Message”. Selecting this choice will bring up a window letting you type in a text to deliver to your phone. You can additionally choose whether or not you want your iDevice to emit a tone. I’m pretty sure the tone will go on for 2 minutes. Make certain to check this. You can insert a random message within the box or leave it empty. Make sure the “Play Sound” toggle is set to On. Whenever you’re happy, click on “Send” at the top right. It shouldn’t take very long for your device to start chiming displaying the text you sent to it popping up on the lock screen. This specific function is incredibly handy for those who have misplaced their iPhones in between those recliner cushions.

The following choice on the lower left is the “Remote Lock”. With any luck, you’ve already turned on your passcode lock. If you want to lock your iDevice, pick a 4-digit number and type it in. You will need to enter the number twice. Then click on the “Lock” button at the upper right of your screen. If another person is using your device when this command is sent, it will immediately lock them out.

Your last choice is to carry out a “Remote Wipe”. Be careful here folks. Because after you send the request, that’s it. It even cautions you just before doing this. You won’t be able to monitor your device at all once you select “Wipe iPhone”. I look at this as an absolute final option. Although it really is dependent upon just how delicate the information is on your device.

Find My iPhone utilizing the app

It is nearly the same as the process already stated. If your iDevice is missing or taken, find a friend with an iPad or iPhone. If they haven’t done so already, go to the App Store and download the free Find My iPhone app from Apple.

Once it’s downloaded, open up the app and log on utilizing your Apple ID and password. From there it is the same. Every one of your Apple products will show up on the main screen. Choose the device to view it on a map. You still get the identical 3 options to “Play Sound or Send Message”, “Remote Lock”, and “Remote Wipe”.

I hope this article might prompt you to take action to lock your iPhone or iPad and set up Find My iPhone.

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