Cat5e & Cat 6 Ethernet lan Cable overview

CAT5e, category five enhanced, cables can support 1 Gigabyte per second at 100 meters whereas the CAT6 cable, category 6, cable is an enhanced version that can handle pressures up to 10 Gigabyte per second at only 55 meters. This cat 6 cable supports higher bandwidths in comparison to cat5e.

Differences between Cat5e & Cat 6 Ethernet lan Cable

Cat5e & Cat 6 Ethernet lan Cable
Cat5e & Cat 6 Ethernet lan Cable

CAT5e and CAT 6 lines show variations in frequentness as well. CAT5e cable has 350 MHZ frequency where as cat 6 cable has 550MHZ frequency.

CAT5e and cat 6 ethernet lan cable lines can fight electromagnetic affluence from all sources. The radiations are emitted by matter each around us.

Charged species do emit advanced boluses of radiations similar to the electric types of outfit, circuits, and so on. Electrons are lost and gained by colorful tittles and it’s an ongoing miracle. The gain of the electron by a snippet means the release of radiations and these radiations can access into the near computing bias too.


One can anticipate further radiations in an area of congested string and line systems. The networks of computers are connected by lines. So one can anticipate further cross-talk that’s dislocations as a result of EMI’s.

The CAT5e and CAT6 Lines have been handed with the unique capability to fight this crosstalk so that the computing operations are not affected. Wringing and shielding allow enhanced performance.

CAT5e and cat 6 cable lines are carpeted with a defensive subcaste added to go on with the wringing of the conducting lan cables. Each brace of the conducting ethernet lan cables is twisted alternately to discourage the EMIs.


The inflow of data, signals, and the rallying of computing coffers becomes streamlined and effective. Both the series of Ethernet lines can handle the pressures of crosstalk and foreign intrusions but surely, CAT 6 cable is an advanced interpretation. CAT 6 can support advanced bandwidths and boost the overall process of signal routing.

CAT5e was a streamlined interpretation of CAT 5 cable lines, where E stands for enhanced. But cat 6 cable lines have replaced both the aged performances. Computing operations need to be handled with utmost care for quality performance. Conservation of computing coffers is also obligatory.

The selection of a suitable patch and Ethernet lines can help relieve computers of all overdue pressures. About 1000ftCables 1000FTCables deals in Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A Plenum Rated 100 Solid Bobby 1000FT UTP Inner Network lines and provides free shipping on all plenum bulk lines.

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