Ruijie cloud For Managing Network Easily

Ruijie Cloud, developed by Ruijie Networks, is a robust cloud computing platform designed to provide a comprehensive suite of services for businesses and organizations. Offering a wide array of features, Ruijie Cloud empowers users to build, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure in a scalable and efficient manner. Key Features: Use Cases: Conclusion: In conclusion, … Read more

Ruijie products for small and enterprise customers

Ruijie Networks is a Chinese company specializing in networking solutions. It provides a range of products and services related to networking, including switches, routers, wireless solutions, security products, and more. Reyee Networks product serves various industries, including education, government, healthcare, and enterprise. Ruijie Networks is known for offering a comprehensive range of networking solutions that … Read more

NEC SL1100 Phone System

The NEC SL1100 phone system is a feature-rich communication platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that enable businesses to improve their communication efficiency, enhance customer service, and streamline their operations. In this overview, we will cover the major features and functions of the NEC SL1100 … Read more

IredMail open-source, full featured Email Server Solution


IredMail open-source, full featured Email Server Solution was first developed by Zhang Huangbin, a Chinese software developer, in 2009 as a way to provide a simple, easy-to-use mail server solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The name “iRedMail” is a combination of “i” for “Internet” and “IredMail”, a reference to the Red Hat Linux operating … Read more

XPNG, Open Source Virtualization Platform

XCP NG hypervisor

XPNG Console is a web-based management interface for the XCP virtualization platform. It allows users to manage and monitor virtual machines, storage, networking, and other aspects of the virtual environment. It also provides tools for creating and managing virtual machine templates, backups, and other administrative tasks. The console can be accessed from any web browser … Read more

Cat5e & Cat 6 Ethernet lan Cable overview

Cat 6 ethernet cable

CAT5e, category five enhanced, cables can support 1 Gigabyte per second at 100 meters whereas the CAT6 cable, category 6, cable is an enhanced version that can handle pressures up to 10 Gigabyte per second at only 55 meters. This cat 6 cable supports higher bandwidths in comparison to cat5e. Differences between Cat5e & Cat … Read more

What is virtual private network ?

virtual private network

A virtual private network or VPN is a network that is used to connect nodes. It is constructed using public wires. Many systems enable users to create a network using the Internet. The Internet is used as a means of transporting data. Security mechanism such as encryptions and others are used to make sure that … Read more

Peer 2 Peer Networks & Your Businesses Risks

Peer 2 Peer Networks & Your Businesses Risks

information of Peer 2 Peer Networks & Your Businesses Risks As most of us had heard of p2p networks and services like Kazza and limewire what we don’t think about is that businesses are responsible for the activities on there networks. When an employee, vendor, or customer is on your businesses network do you know … Read more

Cisco Certifications Have Changed the IT Career

Cisco Certifications Have Changed the IT Career

In the old relations between industry and academia, it was the academia that held the laurel wreath and the commanding position. And you made your transition from universities to the corporations and applied sciences. But starting with Microsoft and then Cisco completely changed the game, now the relations have reversed to some extent. Just to … Read more